It’s the first expanded TPU (with a density of 0,40 gcm3), a Dima injection printable product, with no design constraints. The main distinguishing features of Impulse are lightness, comfort and rebound. This 100% recyclable material can be employed on soles and insulated soles manufacture. Impulse is available in several hardness and tonalities colors. 



The main mechanic features of this material, also an alternative to the rubber one, are the perfect grip and the excellent scraping resistance. Its flexibility,  in the processing phase, allows the soles and components manufacturing in several colors and design samples. 



This type of material is studied for particular  and technical applications: for sport or safety footwear, that need sophisticated physic and mechanical features. They are available in different colors and equipped with different weights : carbon fibre, glass fibre and elastomer. 



Materials derived from renewable sources such as cornstarch, wheat and other cereals, 100% recycling and biodegradable in particular conditions.