In today's market items containing carbon details are required by the market and designers around the world.
There are two crucial carbon functions in the footwear: aesthetic and functional.
To meet the high cost of machining and carbon capture, we have studied two different solutions to obtain aesthetic functionality in designers' demands.

False Carbon with Laser-Molding Texture:

In this case, the  carbon – design is obtained mechanically by means of intervention in molds.
The injected plastic material perfectly copies the embossed texture into the molds.

Carbon Texture with Film application.

With high temperatures and some technical details, film and plastic material have a good mechanical bonding.

The first step is to choose a carbon texture film, or some film with true carbon fibers.

The film paper is applied on the mold before the injection.



The use of carbon with structural functionality is possible through different processes of it and several injection cautions. 
Carbon is a solution of excellence for those who want to obtain excellent technical performance that guarantee lightness and structure to their product. 


1 Carbon Thermoforming: Using the autoclave, carbon is thermoformed. The surplus is paid off. The Tpu component is placed inside the mould for thermoforming carbon.

2 Bonded Carbon Inserts: Through the autoclave, treated carbon components are manufactured and then glued to the TPU sole.

3 Carbon Inserts, that are prepared with the autoclave, which are then treated to allow co-injection inside the mould of the TPU.