We follow our customers from the first sketches
to the industrialization of the product required, constantly
checking that the finished product meets the required quality. 



Step 1


At this stage, our technicians examine the customer’s requirements. From the first sketches on paper, we make the first prototypes and 3D files of the article required.  We present the physical product through handmade models made by expert craftsmen or with the help of 3D printing techniques.


Step 2

Mould Engineering

Casting and mechanical mould realization for samples and mass production.Thanks to our technicians, we’re able to identify problems and propose solutions to ensure quality and production efficiency of our products. 




Step 3

Target / Testing

Once the first samples have been made, our in house laboratory named CoBo LAB (or external laboratories) tests the chosen compounds. So we can verify that the final product maintains the properties required by the customer in the prototyping process. In this phase the customer approves the samples first,  so we can proceed to mass production.


Step 4 


30 two-colour vertical injection moulding machines and 9 horizontal injection moulding machines to serve our customers in terms of production, mass production or sampling. Assembly, gluing and finishing are collateral services that we offer to our clients according to have a complete product.